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Nineballs Bingo

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Nineballs Bingo: Play now and win!

Brazil doesn't just stand for Samba but also Latin Bingo! Nineballs is THE Bingo classic, which stirs passion in Brazil's gambling halls. The Bingo original has now also landed on Casino of Gold and brings along carnival spirit with 4 game cards, 33 Bingo balls and countless winining chances! Celebrate your night of Bingo!

Your goal: Complete the given Bingo patterns on up to 4 game cards! 33 Bingo balls will be drawn once you have placed your stake. You win if the winning numbers match the numbers on the Bingo cards and make one of the sought patterns. If you have a line on a card and another card is nearly complete, you can buy up to 8 Extra Bingo balls to increase your winnings!