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Wizard Bingo

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Wizard Bingo: Play now and win!

A bit of magic never hurts! 4 Bingo cards, 30 fortune balls and up to 10 extra balls - that's all you need to conjure up a lucky streak at Wizard Bingo. The right utensils, like a crystal ball or one or another valuable magic potion in the bonus game, are ready for you and will get you the perfect Bingo win with a little luck and magic!

Wizard Bingo is a slot machine version and belongs to the so called Latin Bingo games.

Your goal is to Reach the given Bingo patterns on up to 4 game cards! 30 Bingo balls will be drawn once you have placed your stake. You win if the winning numbers match the numbers on the Bingo cards and make one of the sought patterns.

Bonus game

Once the "Bingo" or "Bonus" pattern is complete we'll invite you cordially to take a swig from our freshly brewed magic potions. Once consumed the noble drop will instantly turn into a win. Please help yourself: You can try until you uncover the word "End".