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Getting started

Whoever starts a a new game can determine the number of players and the stakes. The numbers rolled with the dice will be entered into the chart located on the left side of the table. Every player has his own column, which is marked by a special dice colour. The sums of equal points will be entered in the upper section of the chart. Below are those dice combinations for which you can score additional points.


The game is controlled with the help of the mouse. The dice will be shaken by clicking the button "Roll the dice". Every player has 3 trials (throws) per game round. Every player can decide whether they want to enter the number rolled at the lower edge of the playing field or roll the dice again. You don't have to make use of all trials.

To move a dice to another location, select the dice by clicking the left mouse button and keep it pressed until you have moved the dice to the desired location.

At the end of your move you decide in which row you want your points to be entered. Note: Points can only be entered where you haven't noted any points yet. If you cannot achieve a matching result during a game move you have to cross out the field with a mouse click. No more points can be entered there for the remainder of the game.

End of the game

The chart is full after 14 rounds and the game is over. Whoever has collected the most points is the winner.


Different dice combinations as well as matching numbers of points will be awarded with extra points after every round:

Scoring according to numbers of points

Numbers 1 to 6

The matching numbers count for the upper section of the chart. The relevant number will be multiplied by the number of dice it appears on.
If a player throws the number 2 3 times he will receive 6 points for the relevant section in the chart.


If you score 63 points or more with numbers you will be awarded this bonus. 35 points will be added to your overall score.

Scoring according to dice combinations


To get a Three-of-a-Kind you have to throw the same number three times. The number will be multiplied by 3 for the scoring.


To get Four-of-a-Kind you have to throw the same number four times. The number will be multiplied by 4 for the scoring.

Full House

You need 2 and 3 matching numbers each time for a Full House. For this you will be awarded 25 points.

Small straight

If you roll any 4 sequential dice you have a Small Straight. You will be awarded 30 points for this.

Large straight

The Large Straight is complete if you throw any 5 sequential dice. You will be awarded 40 points for this.


If all five dice show the same number you have rolled a Yatzy. You will be awarded 50 points for this.


No luck in this round? No problem because in the section Chance the sum of all numbers rolled will be entered if the dice just don't match.