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Cyber Wildz

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Welcome to the future and a ground-breaking original slot set in cyberspace!

Greentube has done it once again: in Cyber Wildz, it has launched a title into the slot universe that raises the bar in terms of spinning entertainment. Kray-Z Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin are the two heroes of this story. And you can accompany both as a fearless adventurer on your mission through a futuristic cyber landscape. Not only the look and feel, but also the features of this unconventional slot machine will submerse you in a slot world that begs to be explored!

Ready to get going? Just a little more patience is required...

... for you must first decide on how much you wish to stake before hitting the Start button. Only then will the reels begin to move and, with a little luck, start to generate winning combinations for you. And, of course, things can get really wild on your odyssey should you come across a diverse range of symbols!

The Symbols in Cyber Wildz Online

The main aim of your mission is to get between three and six of the same symbol to stop along one of the win lines. Nine symbols feature in the game, but if you were hoping for classics like the Bell and the 7, you’ll instead find something else: neon Eyeballs, floating Goldfish, Cyborg Hands and mysterious Seals make up a fantastic cabinet of curiosities!

The ultimate stars of this cyber universe, however, are Kray-Z Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin. Kray-Z Reaper is a smooth operator – a warrior that operates as a multiplying Wild in the basic game. When she appears just a single time on a win line, she has the power to multiply your winnings three, four or even five times, depending on her mood. Should she appear twice on the reels, things get even more lucrative, for both multipliers are applied, boosting each other’s effect in the process, to generate significantly more winnings for you.

Fighting alongside Kray-Z Reaper is Y-Pout the Assassin – the deadliest hitman the universe has ever seen. His appearances are limited to the Free Games feature, which is triggered by two Free Spin symbols (one each on reels one and six).

How The Free Games Feature in Cyber Wildz Online Works

The feature starts with three re-spins, with each of the reels assigned a randomly chosen number between one and seven. These numbers form a special row above the reels before the action begins. Kray-Z Reaper also plays a special role in this Free Games feature: as soon as she is spotted on the reels, she mutates into a modifier which can multiply the value of the corresponding number(s) above the reel(s) by up to 20. Y-Pout the Assassin has a similar ability, but instead of multiplying, he can add a value up to 20 to the numbers displayed above.

Both can act as a local or global modifier. The difference here is that the former only affects the number above the reel the hero lands on. Global modifiers increase all of the numbers in the special row – either through multiplication (Kray-Z Reaper) or addition (Y-Pout the Assassin).

For example, the number 2 is visible on the special row above reel one. If Kray-Z Reaper appears as a local modifier with the value x5, the 2 in the special row will become a 10. All of the other numbers will remain unchanged. However, if our star takes the shape of a global modifier, all of the numbers on the special row will be changed accordingly.

During these spins on the house, you can win further Free Games, always in blocks of three at a time. All you need to do to achieve this is get one of the two heroes to appear again on the reel set.


FAQS: Important Questions About Cyber Wildz Online

Where can I play Cyber Wildz online?

Cyber Wildz can be played on Casino of Gold, which is home to a wide range of great slots that are also out of this world.

Are there games similar to Cyber Wildz?

Cyber Wildz is a one-off and cannot be compared with any other slot currently out there, which make this title extra special to play! But if you need a break from soaring through the solar system, we can recommend checking out the more grounded titles Fruit Fortune and Fortune Fishing. A trip back in time might also do the trick: explore ancient Egypt in Book of Ra or check out 1930s America in Chicago!

Can I play Free Games in Cyber Wildz?

Of course you can! As soon as two Free Spin symbols stop on the reels, three re-spins will be triggered. If this Free Game mode, you continually have the chance to reset the counter to three – all you need is one of the two stars of this slot (Kray-Z Reaper and Y-Pout the Assassin) to pop up again.

Cyber Wildz Overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Cyber Wildz Features

  • Unique slot set in cyberspace
  • 6 reels, 5 rows and a special row
  • One Scatter
  • 2 special symbols with 5 functions
  • Free Games feature

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