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Highroller Multi Dice™

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The dice are ready and waiting for you, so it’s time to spin and roll!

Highroller Multi Dice is a captivating online slot comprising three reels and five win lines. And it boasts several extras that you’ll love, including the Dice feature, the Hold feature and Mystery Wins. Moreover, with this being the high roller edition, you can play for even higher stakes than usual.

To make sure you enjoy this special slot to the fullest, we recommend reading the details below. Then you’ll be perfectly prepared to get gaming and have some fun!

Highroller Multi Dice is an online slot machine from Eurocoin that serves up exceptional spinning and rolling entertainment. Three reels, five win lines and a handful of the most popular slot symbols all come together in this unique slot. What’s more, there are three thrilling extras: the suspenseful Hold feature, the exciting Dice feature and the lucrative Mystery Wins.

The Symbols in Highroller Multi Dice

The symbols in Highroller Multi Dice are just as iconic as the slot itself. Alongside the usual suspects (the Melon, the Star, the 7, the Grapes, the Bell, the Plum, the Orange, the Lemon and the Cherry) there are two more symbols that are indispensable to this game.

The first is the Dice, which acts as the slot’s Scatter and can grant winnings irrespective of the position on the reels. Furthermore, it is responsible for activating the Dice feature.

The second is the Stopwatch, which is particularly important in Highroller Multi Dice, for it can trigger the Mystery Wins.

Dice Feature in Highroller Multi Dice

The name of this feature says it all, as it involves an additional reel in the form of a red dice. As soon as it starts spinning, you can stop it with a click – the number displayed will be the number of Free Games you’ll get to play. And during these free of charge spins of the reels, you can trigger even more extra games.

Hold Feature in Highroller Multi Dice

If one of your spins ends without you landing a win, you’ll have the chance to hold one or even two reels of your choice for the next spin. This can help you form profitable winning combos that would have otherwise been impossible to achieve.

Mystery Wins in Highroller Multi Dice

Merely the name of this exciting extra is enough to pique any slot fan’s curiosity. The key symbol to this special feature is the Stopwatch. A bigger version of this symbol can be found above and to the right of the reel window. With every spin you play, it will show winnings that could, with a little luck, be destined for your pockets. Back on the reels, a regular-sized Stopwatch symbol can appear in the regular game at any time. If it shows up three times in a single spin, it will land you the winnings displayed on the big Stopwatch.

FAQs: What You Need To Know About Highroller Multi Dice

What is Highroller Multi Dice?

The dice slot from Eurocoin, Highroller Multi Dice, is played on three reels with five win lines. Additional excitement comes in the form of a Dice feature, a Hold feature and thrilling Mystery Wins.

What is the Dice feature in Highroller Multi Dice?

The Dice feature is activated by an additional reel in the form of a dice. If you stop this dice during a spin, the number it shows will determine how many Free Games you’ll get.

What is the Hold feature in Highroller Multi Dice?

After a spin that ends without a win, you can hold one or two reels for the next spin to give yourself a chance to form a winning combination.

Highroller Multi Dice™ Overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Highroller Multi Dice™ Features

  • Dice slot with plenty of features
  • 11 symbols
  • Exciting Mystery Wins possible
  • Hold feature can hold up to 2 reels
  • Dice feature makes Free Games possible

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