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Highroller Woonsters™

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Welcome to the house of fun… and wacky monsters! The Woonsters are running wild, and only you can restore a little order to the three reels with up to eight win lines by staking like a pro. But you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so thanks to the plethora of bonus games in which you can collect colourful brains with Cerebrino and play with three extra win lines in the Special Game with the help of Spiry the ghost. One thing is certain: You’ll never get bored while playing Highroller Woonsters™ online! In the regular game, the following symbols deliver the three highest winnings: The triple blue 7, the triple red 7 and the triple green 7.


Your aim in the regular game of Highroller Woonsters™ is to get three identical symbols on a win line from left to right. To win, the symbols must land next to each other without any other symbols between them. The slot is also packed with exciting bonus games that you can read about below.


Did your spin end without a win? Don’t despair, for this special feature could help you create a winning combo after all. Nudges are awarded by the game at random, and they allow you to move the reels one position at a time. You can either do this manually, or let the game take care of it by activating “Auto Nudging”. You can win a maximum of four nudges.


This feature can also help you achieve winnings after a fruitless spin of the reels. For the next spin, you can freeze one or two of the reels to increase your chance of landing a win. As soon as you have chosen which reel(s) to hold in place, the remaining reel(s) will spin again to hopefully yield a winning combo.

More Money

No matter whether you win or not after a spin of the reels, the More Money feature could be triggered. For a winning spin, any amount can activate the More Money feature, except for winnings achieved in other bonus games. This feature grants you one or two re-spins until you achieve a win that is higher than the one that triggered it. This feature could even lead you all the way to the jackpot.

Special Game

The Special Game in Highroller Woonsters™ online is the cherry on the cake of this spectacular slot, as it also comes complete with a host of features that can be triggered by winning combinations. Your job is to collect three identical symbols on the five win lines. The triple blue 7 lands you the highest winnings, followed by the triple red 7 and the triple green 7.


This bonus game begins with six candles on the screen, and each one is worth a different amount of winnings. To pick one, simply click on the “Start” button. Alternatively, you can wait and the game will choose one at random for you. If the candles light up one after another, you have the chance to select the one with the highest winnings. But you’ll have to click on it when it’s lit. And if luck is on your side, you can even bag extra winnings in Soplavelas, with one or two additional candles being selected for you after you have chosen one.


This bonus game is all about brains. Yes, brains in a variety of colours will appear on a conveyor belt. With Cerebrino at your side, you can take your pick to collect winnings. A brain with a question mark conceals a Mystery Win. In the bottom-left corner of the screen, you can see the winnings that the differently coloured brains deliver.


Once this feature has been triggered, cauldrons that appear along the bottom of the screen will begin to boil and produce bubbles. These bubbles will climb up the screen to form between one and four columns, depending on the stake. The bubbles come in four different colours, which correspond to the winnings you can pocket. Although the columns can comprise up to six bubbles, you may only collect the upper three in each column. This means you can wait until a profitable winning combo is formed before you strike. What’s more, additional cauldrons might be added at random in the Perola feature that also produce bubbles for an extra bonus.


The Tovendao feature is a little creepier. Three sarcophagi appear on the screen, each containing mummies with scrolls and possibly keys. Choose the sarcophagus you wish to open by clicking on it, and your winnings will be displayed on the scroll held by the mummy within. Should the mummy also have a key, you may click on a further sarcophagus and claim more winnings.


Spiry is a ghost, but he’s not at all interested in making you jump. In fact, he’s happy to help out! When he’s ready for action, his symbol in the top-left corner of the game will light up. The smiley spirit adds three vertical win lines to the five horizontal lines already active in Highroller Woonsters™ online. On top of that, this feature can grant you up to nine spins that can be re-triggered several times.

Myster Bone

Every time the Myster Bone symbol randomly appears, one or two bones will disappear from the Myster Bone Meter. As soon as all of the bones have vanished, the Myster Bone feature will begin. You’ll know that it’s up and running, because all of the reels will turn purple and a skull and crossbones symbol will appear in the middle position of the middle reel. It’ll then be over to you: Click on the “Start” button to fire a lightning bolt from the skull and crossbones symbol at the remaining eight symbols. A second click on the “Start” button will determine which symbol was struck by the bolt and what your winnings are.

Up & Down

Winning combinations in Highroller Woonsters™ are not only profitable, but they can also trigger the Up & Down feature. This bonus game allows you to increase your winnings or claim a valuable key. The feature ends once you have achieved the maximum possible winnings or won a key.

Double & Keys

In this bonus game you have the option of doubling your last winnings. Alternatively, you can opt to take a bonus that will catapult you directly into the Special Game.


The monsters are on the loose in Highroller Woonsters™! Your job is to round the cheeky chappies up and – with a little luck – bag a whole heap of Stars in the process. Spiry, Cerebrino and Co. have plenty to share with you, but only if you prove to them that you can spin like a true slot champ!

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