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Egyptian Underworld™

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Play Egyptian Underworld™ Online

A place of magic and mystery – the Egyptian realm of the dead beckons!

Exquisite relics, mighty gods and lucrative features – Egyptian Underworld, the magical slot with five reels and 243 win lines, has all this and more. And if you want to find out more about its extras, including the Sync ’N’ Spin feature and Free Games, head straight for the spin button and begin your journey into the netherworld.

But if you want to learn about the game mechanics of this slot before you actually start playing, we recommend reading the following instructions.

Egyptian Underworld is a popular Egypt-inspired slot. It comprises the following:

  • five reels and three rows
  • 243 win ways
  • a Wild symbol that can complete winning combinations
  • ten Free Games that you can enjoy with multipliers activated during a spin
  • a Sync ’N’ Spin feature that can generate multiple winnings with just one spin

How to Win in Egyptian Underworld Online

To end a spin with winnings in Egyptian Underworld, you need at least two or three matching symbols to stop on one of the win ways and form a pattern from right to left. Whether you need two or three depends on the symbols in the combination. No other symbols can interrupt your combination.

If you are short one symbol, it can be substituted for by the Wild (the golden Bird).

The Symbols in Egyptian Underworld Online

Dare you venture into the Egyptian netherworld? If you do, you’ll discover spectacularly decorated game symbols that, with a little luck, could generate winnings for you. Classic slot symbols including the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace glitter on the reels and are joined by the Ankh, the Eye, the Scarab, Anubis and the Bird (the Wild symbol).

By the way, Anubis only needs to land twice on a win line for you to win.

The Sync ’N’ Spin Feature in Egyptian Underworld

If you manage to generate a win in Egyptian Underworld, you’ll automatically be rewarded with the chance to do it again straight away. All of the symbols that are part of this winning combination spin again and can therefore yield a further win. As a result, you have the chance to pocket several winnings with a single stake.

This procedure repeats until no further winnings are achieved.

How the Free Games Work in Egyptian Underworld Online

Directly above the reel set in Egyptian Underworld you’ll find a bar that displays all of the game symbols in order of their value. As multipliers, they can generate a lot of Stars for you, but they have to be activated to do so.

It works as follows: As soon as you have formed a winning combination, all of the multipliers of the symbols in this combination light up. For example, if you get three Aces to achieve a win, the Ace multiplier will be illuminated. Two wins are always required per multiplier to activate it and ensure that your prize is multiplied by the value shown on it.

If a multiplier is activated in just a single spin – which is possible thanks to the Sync ’N’ Spin feature – the Free Games feature is activated and you’ll be given 10 Free Games to enjoy. Each additional multiplier that you activate will get you a further five Free Games.

FAQs: Common Questions About Egyptian Underworld

What’s Egyptian Underworld about?

Egyptian Underworld celebrates ancient Egypt and comprises five reels. There’s a Sync ’N’ Spin feature and the chance to win Free Games. Both in the basic game and during the features, you will come across valuable relics, such as the Ankh, and the Scarab, and Anubis, the god of the dead.

Where can I play Egyptian Underworld?

You can find a host of well-known Egypt-inspired titles on Casino of Gold. In the legendary titles Book of Ra, Book of Ra deluxe and Book of Ra deluxe Win Ways Ante Bet, for example, you can unlock Ra’s valuable secrets. In Gems of Giza, in contrast, you must open locked doors, while in Goddess of Egypt, you’ll come face to face with a mighty pharaoh and her loyal subjects. Egyptian Underworld is therefore just one of a host of great games dedicated to magnificent cultures of the past.

Is there a Free Games feature in Egyptian Underworld?

Yes, there is. All you need to trigger it is a multiplier that becomes active during a spin of the reels. You’ll then receive ten free-of-charge spins in which you can, with a little luck, win five further Free Games if the right conditions are fulfilled.

Egyptian Underworld™ Overview

Game CategoryOnline Slot

Egyptian Underworld™ Features

  • Egypt-inspired slot
  • 5 reels with 243 win ways
  • Multipliers
  • Sync ’N’ Spin feature
  • Free Games feature

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