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So, you want to play Blackjack online and then, with a little luck, win Stars in the casino?

Then give this guide a read and get all the relevant information you need on the game to hit the ground running

The history of Blackjack dates way back before the time of online casino. In 1601, none other than Miguel de Cervantes, author of the classic novel, Don Quixote, wrote a short story about a game called ‘veintiuna’ (21 in Spanish).

Now, hundreds of years later, it is hard to imagine an online casino without the ever-popular card game.

Here’s how to play Blackjack

Why is this one of the most popular games in the world? Because it’s simple!
This tutorial will explain the various ways you can win at Blackjack:

  • A: When you get 21 with the two cards dealt to you, and the online casino dealer does not.
  • B: When your hand is higher than the dealers, and doesn’t go over 21 after all available cards have been dealt.
  • C: When the online casino dealer gets more than 21 with his cards, and you don’t.

Game play: You receive two cards at the start of the game, the dealer gets one. You now have the choice to either keep the cards you have (stand) or get another one (hit). Players can hit as many times as they want until they get 21 with their cards or until they have gone over that number and are then declared bust.

So, you’ve decided to stand or better, you’ve got 21. Now it’s the dealers turn to make a move and show his hand! Important: dealers in the online casino always have to stick to the rules of Blackjack, and have to hit until they get 17 or more than the value of your cards, or until they get more than 21, and are declared bust!

In Blackjack, you have the following options:  Split, Double, or get Insurance

Split: This option is available to players when they draw two cards that have the same value. You will then be able to split the one hand into two hands. If the players get 21 with their cards, a normal and a non-Blackjack win will be awarded.
Double: Risk it all and double your stake! You will then receive a further card and hope for the best!
Insurance: This is only possible when the dealer himself draws an ace. You will then be able to take insurance, or better said, bet on the fact that he will get Blackjack with his two cards. If he gets 21, you win. If he doesn’t, you lose!

It’s all in the hands! How to fully understand online Blackjack

Value of the cards: The classic casino version of the game is played with six decks of 52, which is 312 cards in total. The number cards between 2 and 10 have the equivalent value of their numbers. Face cards (jacks, queens, and kings) are all worth ten points. The ace can either be worth one point, or eleven, depending on which value is more advantageous for the player.

Blackjack: This is achieved when the first two card you are drawn equal 21. The value of the Blackjack increases with the number of cards need to get 21.

Become an expert with these online Blackjack tips!

  • The right strategy can get you big wins and lots of Stars on online Blackjack! In general: Casino dealers have a 48% chance of winning the game, players have a 44% chance and a draw has an 8% possibility. With a little bit of maths and tactics, players have the possibility to reduce the dealer’s advantage to just 0,1%. Hint: read the help material and the check out the strategy tables online to get the most out of the cards!
  • The relationship between the dealer and the player can lead to the players being nervous and making snap decisions, even in online casinos. Hint: The best way to combat this is to try to blend out the dealer as much as possible and concentrate fully on the numbers.
  • In contrast to online slots, luck isn’t the most important factor with Blackjack. Players can increase their chances of winning Stars by adjusting their live bets to the way the game is panning out. Taking a bit of a risk when you have the rub of the green is always a good way to increase your winnings. Hint: always play with your head, not your emotions!
  • There are also times when it makes sense to double your stake and risk a little more. For example, when you have 10, or the dealer has 9 or less. Hint: go on the offensive at the right moments!
  • One of the most important success factors is how you balance your budget. The better you control your playing budget, the longer the fun will last. Hint: always calculate your budget and play your hands cleverly to the match the bet made.

Conclusion: With a little luck and the right strategy, playing Blackjack online can see you win a lot of Stars! Casino of Gold also has regular promotions such as casino bonuses, competitions and special offers to make your gaming experience even better and the fun last even longer. Stay informed on everything that is happening in the world of Blackjack and never miss out on the fun by signing up to our newsletter (Link).

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Play Blackjack – a phenomenal game that has players on the edge of their seats!

Playing Blackjack online isn’t just about knowing the strategy, you also need to be able to reel off a few fun facts and figures if you want to impress your fellow players around the table. So take note of these ones:

  1. The Blackjack Hall of Fame was opened in San Diego. Members include none other than Edward O. Thorp, the author of the legendary book, Beat The Dealer, amongst others.
  2. This isn’t just the lucky number in Blackjack, it is also the title of the 2008 blockbuster about the game starring Jim Sturgess.
  3. Eleanor Dumont, better known as ‘Madame Moustache’ died in this year. The business woman moved from France to Nevada City, California, where she opened up a casino and became a Stars as a Blackjack dealer. Players from all around the country travelled to try their luck at a game dealt by her hand. What would Eleanor Dumont think of online casinos today do you think? Well, we’re more than certain that she would be impressed by the many casino bonuses and extra features players get to enjoy!
  4. That’s how many different kinds of Blackjack you can play on Casino of Gold. Visit the online casino right now and try your luck on one the exciting tables and begin what could be the online Blackjack adventure of a lifetime. Keep your eye out for further additions to the Casino of Gold Blackjack portfolio in the future like classic Blackjack and European Blackjack!

In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck on our current tables, and who knows, you may well be calling yourself the Blackjack master in a few weeks!